Kūlia i Ka Nu'u
Chelsea, 20, HI/OR,
aloof biology major.
"I want to live and feel all the shades, tones and variations of mental and physical experience possible in life. And I am horribly limited."


Cray Mashup of the Day: Jay-Z and Kanye’s “Niggas in Paris” and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris — together at last.



Gianni Bruno | LOSC Lille Métropole

Aux Champs Elysées~

bleucheese replied to your post: bleucheese replied to your post: Jesus fucking…

oh pshh, shoots! three weeks is good already. gotta un-purao you. LOL Cannot stay in Portland for one year straight and turn purao. Unacceptable.

AUTOMATIC! In addition to the beach, we must also go and sample some of those ~Belgian waffles. lol (…sorry, only saw this now XD also: “Jesus fucking…” roflmfao how appropriate I think it’s his bday today)

bleucheese replied to your photoset: First day of school today, on MLK day. Because my…

Stawpit. Stop predicting my taunts about your eye bags. ;p …………It was only the first day of school and they already appear. LOLOLOLjkjk

Pshhh~ See! I know you already. LOL. Shit, qurl. I FINALLY fell asleep at around 4 this morning. I swear, my body is still on Hawai’i time >_>



Kalapana Gardens, The Puhi-o-Kalaikini (west) ocean entry lava flow


Real Madrid!!!

Glass Butterfly

First day of school today, on MLK day. Because my school is racist we don’t get holidays off. Except Thanksgiving and Easter week and “Founder’s Day”. Apparently private Catholic universities can do whatever the hell they want, so…


I’m still a appalled that all my required texts for this semester totaled almost a grand. LAWD. But I’m actually really excited about one of my botany books. Only because the cover features one of Vincent van Gogh’s pieces. And I’m a bit of a van Gogh fangirl.

*first few weeks vs. the rest of the semester


Horror vacui in the Imam Shah Mosque, Naghsh-i Jahan Square, Esfahan, Iran, 1611-1629 (Safavid period).


Salvador Dalí’s illustrations for Alice in Wonderland:

Published by New York’s Maecenas Press-Random House in 1969 and distributed as their book of the month, the volume went on to become one of the most sought-after Dalí suites of all time. It contains 12 heliogravures, one for each chapter of the book, and one original signed etching in 4 colors as the frontpiece.

Ginkgo biloba L. [as Salisburia adiantifolia Sm.]


Wish You Were Here | Incubus